For children from 6 to 10 years old, Blossom Art House wants to open a platform where creativity and imagination of children of the world are stimulated and expressed through visual arts with a curriculum towards long-term development and sustainability. The students will be exposed to visual arts through many different medias, such as images, video, picnics, exhibition visits..etc.


Blossom Art House is a playground where children approach art in fun and playful ways, from playing with colors, shapes and toward new look and innovative perceptions.


CONTENTS: 3 levels


Level 1 (12 days):

- Fundamentals lines

- Basic geometry and structure

- Basic color wheel

- Portrait and Personality

- Experimental material

- Drawing through natural observation

- Collaborate with a classmate

- Exhibition visit


Level 2 (12 days):


- Develop lines through works of world artists

- Law of near and far

- Develop 3D sculpture

- Drawing through natural observation

- Discover equipments of creation

- Material experiment

- Art forms experiment

- Collaborate with a classmate

- Exhibition visit


Level 3 (12 days):


- Pictures can through sign painter

First pitch of the basic geometric drawings

Test material

-Development Through sculpture shaped 3D

Via vignettes ornament from natural

Through character ornament.

Composed -combination

Diode exhibition


-Give Students to the world of visual arts diversity

• Light promote creativity and promote the individuality of each student.

-Development Of thinking about the shape, color and material combinations

-Step Started developing drawing skills and aesthetic appreciation.

Playful environment and promotes creative teamwork.


Time: once a week, 90 minutes.


Number of students: 5-10 students/class