15 +


Blossom Art Love runs as a house of art for creativities and styles, not as a simple art class.

You will learn about important movements of visual arts (Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract Art, Fauvism, Minimalism, Pop Art, Modern Art…)

Along with each presentation of each movement, you will get to practice.

After these presentations, you will get to practice art with materials such as charcoal sticks, oil painting, woodcut, silver, collective/ synthetic materials

Afterward, Blossom Art House will become an art club where you can be freely creative with our guidance.

Your work will be presented in our exhibition at the end of this course.

Also, Blossom Art House organizes constantly extracurricular activities and takes you to exhibitions to analyze them with you.


Art Lovers will have basic knowledge about visual arts and get to use different materials. More importantly, you will get a chance to create, to draw and to share with others the same passion.

Age: 15 and above

Time:  nights, 1 course/ week

Fees:  200 000 VND/ course


Number of students: 6-10 students