The period from 11 to 14 years old is an important phase, when you start to define your personality and show your interests with art.  With Blossom Art House, we will help you nourish your passion, your creativity and introduce you into the basics of visual arts.

Blossom Art House opens classes in English as well as in Vietnamese. Classes in English will develop your language skills and gradually help you communicate confidently.



Give basic knowledge of visual arts: basic drawing techniques, techniques of photography and techniques to combine art materials.

Initially learn about important art movements.

Organize workshops about different art subjects with guests.

Nourish your creative inspiration and your own style.

Outdoor extracurricular sessions, exhibition analysis.



Students will have the basic skills of visual arts. Your artistic soul and creativity will be nourish and you will get to develop your own style and confidence.

Time: 1-2 courses/week, 2h/course

Number of students: 10 students max.

Fees: 200 000 VND/ course



9 am- 11 am every Saturday

2.30 pm- 4.30 pm every Sunday

Otherwise you can register schedules suitable for you